Brain Enhancement Program

To Improve Brain Biochemistries is the only method to heal with ASD

Brain Enhancement Program, BEP has started research on the Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disorders since 2002. It is over 15 years.

From 2004 to 2007, the study was set up in San Francisco Bay Area, and 2008 to 2010 in Los Angles on the most complicated, difficult and challenging cases which are Autism Spectrum, ADD, ADHD and Asperger Syndromes. The clients were from 5 to 22 years old, and total of 40 clients.

For the fairness and correctness, the special education professionals were invited to observe and evaluate the entire progress, and the results are published in the BEP website.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning disorders have deficiency in sensory, cognitive and comprehensive functions which are belonged to very pervasive and complicated causes.

The brain damages can not be simplified to one cause. The brain has to be improved in the whole biosynthesis, raising the energy level, and increasing the connection and integration of neurons systems in neocortex area, to see the progress.

Because of the BEP clients got improvements in different areas, or amazing achievements, it is evaluated as a successful method for ASD and Learning Disorders.

BEP opens enrollment now.

Brain Enhancement Program Enrollment instruction:
Applicant Rights and Responsibilities:
  1. All applicant needs to submit the application form, also come with doctorˇ¦s diagnosis or school IEP report for verifying the case.
  2. Guardian agrees with BEP to use the clientˇ¦s case innominate for research studies or public lectures purpose, and BEP will fully protect our client privacy.
  3. Guardian agrees to submit 3 observation progress reports within one contract year period, the questionnaire will be provided by BEP Research Team.
  4. Applicant qualification for BEP client:
    ADD, AD/HD, high or mild of ASD, Dyslexia and the learning disorders
Annotation: Server ASD is not included to BEP application.
Contact Information: please e-mail to

Report from Brain Enhancement Program IV