Case Study

This website is designed for the treatment of children with autism and learning disabilities. It provides a new direction in treating the related symptoms.

The following is a list of the major improvements children exhibit after taking the intensive BEP:

Eye contact & eye movement

  • More awareness of surroundings
  • Comprehension of receptive language to communicate
  • Comprehension of expressive language to communicate
  • Reduction of tantrums
  • Social skills
  • Increased attention span
  • Ability to learn and grasp new concepts
  • Faster response time
  • Increased energy levels and physical strength
  • Reduction of hay fever symptoms caused by seasonal changes

Please refer to the Case Study section for more detailed information including reports from professional education consultants and progress assessment scoring based on ARI standards.

In addition, the Q & A section provides additional discussions on the theory behind BEP and frequently asked questions from parents and teachers.

We welcome your interest in reading through the website and sharing our knowledge.