Brain Enhancement Program Research Study Project II

ID BEP#08001

Diagnose : Autism
Age : 18 Years Old/ 1990

Data source :

This assessment is for BEP Research Study Project II purpose and based upon the following sources:

  • Review BEP#08001 School 2008 I.E.P. and school based assessment
  • Four of progress questionnaires from Parent (7/30/08, 9/23/08,10/29/08,11/06/08 )
  • Interview with Parent (10/14/2008)
  • Two of BEP Brain Function Test Reports

This evaluation report is focused on the improvement of the ability in brain functions, but no focuses on academic areas.

Start Date : July 28, 2008
Before Treatment/Baseline : July, 2008

  • BEP#08001 does sometimes looks at or come when his name is called.
  • He is lake of awareness in surrounding.
  • Less tolerance of emotional control
  • Difficulty with changes (shifting from place to place, idea to idea)
  • He is able to answer non-complicated/simple questions.
  • Always stay with his high-interested subjects.
  • Has problem with following through the non-interested subjects with others.
  • Easy to stress out from uncompleted (he think it's not a perfect done homework or assessment) has given by school
  • High self-demand causes stresses and anxiety
  • Difficult express feelings and lack of ability to retrieval the events from past.

During Treatment : First Progress Report, November 06, 2008

Overall improving areas: BEP#08001 is more mutual, aware, focus, speak/language comprehension, memory/retrieval, emotional control, happier, social skills, problem solving skills, expresses his thoughts or ideas and better quality of sleep.

  • BEP#08001 responses spontaneously when his name is called.
  • He is more aware his surrounding and react prompt responses properly, also expresses he feelings.
  • Increasing words and sentences length to express his thoughts.
  • Improving in Emotional control/management, accepts explanation, decrease his tantrum span.
  • Increase attention span.
  • He has improved with changes. Smooth transition from High School to College.
  • He is able to response with more complicated questions, and thinks before he talks.
  • He has better analyze skills/further thoughts perform in daily life.
  • Increasing his learning speed.
  • Improving in his painting/design detail skills, and more imagination/creating performs in his art works.
  • He is improving in playing piano skills.
  • He has a better trouble solving skills.
  • He has improved in recognizing facial expression.
  • Have mutual social skills.
  • No problem with shifting from subject to subject or topic to topic.
  • Have less negative thoughts.
  • Reducing anxiety level in the multiple activities environment.
  • Increasing short-term and long term memory, and will be able to retrieval events from the past.

Parents' Observation : January 16, 2009

Speech/Language/Communication Skills:
He follows the same topic in conversations, and has no problem with
communication with others

Sociability: He is very friendly to others, and greets others spontaneously.

Behavior: He is more aware of his surroundings.
He shows his thoughtfulness and consideration for others.
He sometimes won't be able to control his emotions while he has temple
tantrum, but now he calms down after the explanations.