Brain Enhancement Program Research Study Project II

ID BEP#08010

Diagnose : Autism
Age : 6 Years Old/ 2002

Data source :

This assessment is for BEP Research Study Project II purpose and based upon the following sources:

  • Review of BEP#08010 School 2008 I.E.P. report and school based assessment.
  • Three of progress questionnaires from Parent (8/20/08, 10/27/08, 11/02/08)
  • Interview with Parent (10/09/2008)
  • One of BEP Brain Function Test Reports

This evaluation report is focused on the improvement of the ability in brain functions, but no focuses on academic areas.

Start Date : August 20, 2008
Before Treatment/Baseline : August, 2008

  • BEP#08010 does not follow an instruction to do a non-preferred activity.
  • Follows one step simple instruction.
  • Often repeat words said by others.
  • Says words or approximations of words.
  • Will indicate specific items and activities which he wants by point to, pulling to, or standing by the particular item/activity.
  • Will ask for specific items or activities spontaneously.
  • Very limited initiate greetings to others.
  • Does not return greetings to others.
  • Does not accept offers to join an activity.
  • Does not offer to share items with others.
  • Will ask others to share items.
  • Does not converse with others.
  • Does not get others attention while attempting to interact.
  • Does sometimes say words or approximations of words.
  • Does demonstrate sensitivity to sounds.
  • Present hyperactivity.
  • Does engage in repetitive speech and gross motor movements.
  • Does not pretend to be somebody or pretend to do an activity.
  • Has a tendency to play with toys with consistent an identifiable items.
  • Does not spontaneously request items, actions or information throughout the day.
  • Does not ask for information using "Wh" questions.
  • Does not ask for items using adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns.
  • Not pay attention in surrounding.

During Treatment : First Progress Report, November 02, 2008

Overall improving areas: BEP#08010 attention span, comprehension, emotional control, expression and adding new words and sentences.

  • BEP#08010 improving in attention span. (home, school and social activities)
  • Improving his observation /attention in surroundings.
  • Increasing new vocabularies/sentences and applies to his daily life.
  • Has not improved in his social ability of his interaction with adults or peers.
  • Has a tendency to express his emotional feelings instead of body language.
  • Has a tendency to show his rejection of unwanted items or things through behavior expression.
  • Has a tendency to reject the request or activity expressed orally.
  • Improving in accepting items or requests express orally.
  • Increasing motivation in request or action.
  • Is not able to find the key word from reading a short story.
  • Is lack of self correction functions.
  • Improving in his flexibility in changing his routine activities and cooperate with family or school schedule.
  • Improving with changes.
  • Increasing acceptance to the new toys or items.
  • Improving in reading and listening comprehension skills.
  • Is able to describe/use the contents after reading picture stories.
  • Has more flexible in self-control./ Emotional control./calmer.
  • Seems careless about others.
  • Improving in initiating greetings and tanking to others.
  • Has not improved in recognizing the perception of facial or emotional changes/except "happy".
  • Has not improved in comprehending simple metaphors
  • Increasing the ability with following complex steps instruction.
  • Increasing in listening attention span and has prompt response.
  • Reducing repetitive speech.
  • Reducing self-injury behavior.
  • Lack of awareness of danger.
  • Improving shifting attention from subject/active to subject/active.
  • Is not willing to try new foods.
  • Better quality of sleep.

Parents' Observation : January 9, 2009

Speech/Language/Communication Skills:
He asks the things he wants to play. He asks the favor food.
Things that he doesn't want he will say "No.".

Sociability: He plays more with brother H brings items to family and helps with pick up the trash.

Behavior: He tries more fruit "apple" and "pears". He gets mad easily and not willing to share. He still is kicking a lot.
He is more aware of crossing street, looks before he crosses the street,
He will stop if you ask him. He recognizes "stop", "go", and "wait".
He writes more. He reads more books. He sometimes listens to the instruction when go shopping.