Brain Enhancement Program Research Study Project II

ID BEP#08017

Diagnose : Autism
Age : 4 Years Old/ 2004

Data source :

This assessment is for BEP Research Study Project II purpose and based upon the following sources:

  • Review BEP#08017 School 2007 I.E.P. report and school based assessment.
  • Three of progress questionnaires from Parent (8/31/08, 10/12/08, 10/17/08)
  • Interview with Parents (10/04/2008)
  • One of BEP Brain Function Test Reports

This evaluation report is focused on the improvement of the ability in brain functions, but no focuses on academic areas.

Start Date : August 31, 2008
Before Treatment/Baseline : August, 2008

  • BEP#080017 does sometimes looks at or come when his name is called.
  • Does follow an instruction to do one step simple action.
  • Does not spontaneously say phrases.
  • Does ask for a missing item needed to complete a task.
  • Often asks specific items he wants by point to or pulling to the particular item.
  • Does not say or shake his head "yes" or "no" indicate he wants or does not want something.
  • Does sometimes repeat words said by others.
  • Does actively explore available toys and plays with toys.
  • Does not initiate or return greetings to others.
  • Does not ask peers for items or to share items with others.
  • Does not converse with others.
  • Does demonstrate sensitivity to sounds.
  • Does present sleep and eating problems.
  • Unstable emotional control.

During Treatment : First Progress Report, October 17, 2008

Overall improving areas: BEP#08017 attention span, speech/language comprehension, awareness, flexibility, behavioral and motivation.

  • BEP#080017 improving in attention span. (home, school and social activities)
  • Improving eye contact/body contact span.
  • Has strong learning motivation/desire.
  • Improving in learning ability and speed.
  • Improving in responding answer/action before he thinks.
  • Increasing with remembering and following 2 steps instruction.
  • Improving his observation /attention in surroundings.
  • Has sensible reaction. (Compares with the same issue happened before.)
  • Improving in speech/language comprehension skills.
  • Is willingness to greet others or respond other's greeting with prompt.
  • Increasing spontaneous new words/short sentences and applies in his daily life.(Chinese and English)
  • Sounding words and clearly.
  • Has tendency to verbal express what he knows.
  • Has better understand with the relationship between number and quantity.
  • Improving in his organization based on his behavior. (room, desk, books and toys)
  • Improving with changes.
  • Improving in his flexibility in food choices.
  • Improving in taking terms.
  • Showing his creativity and imagination from playing toys.
  • Is able to recognize the content of abstract paintings from story books.
  • Improving in problem solving skills.
  • Improving in aware the dangerous.
  • His hyperactivity remains the same.

Parents' Observation :

Speech/language/Communication skills:
He has had increased capacity to learn and use words, but it is still challenging to get him to use language more often. But in his school settings, where the environment seems more structured and he is more forced to do learning exercises, he is showing that he has improved.

Sociability: He is affectionate with people he knows well, and does display nice behavior. Such as he'll get some candy and give it to his sister first, then get some for himself. He seems to show interest in having other kids around, but is still learning how to really interact and play with them.

Behavior: He seems mostly aware of his surroundings, but it is sometimes difficult to get his attention, he also sometimes likes to explore textures with his hands. His eating seems to have improved a bit, although he is still very picky. Behavior is mixed. He is sometimes very sweet, sometimes naughty and difficult to steer from inappropriate behavior.