Brain Enhancement Program II

Research Study Project

Mr. William Partridge Brain Enhancement Program (BEP) contract consultant and special behavioral analyst had his speech hosted by BEP in 2005. He shared his observations of (BEP-I) students and he practices in the special education field. He mentioned he has worked with autistic students for over ten years, and the students tend to vary in their ability to reach their goals. Some students could reach their goal in months or years, while others could take longer or never reach that goal. But ultimately he believes that students benefit from BEP in a very short time, and show improvements. BEP increases the learning possibilities for children with learning disorders, allowing the students to increase their ability to learn. It is far beyond the behavioral training in working memory, yet improving in cognitive awareness.

The first project of BEP-I was a four month intensive program. The second parject of BEP-II consists of an eighteen month program. The program is located in Southern California, Los Angles. The program enrollment starts in August of 2008, BEP-II focuses on escalate and maintaining brain function. BEP provides BEP Einstein-7 and Gene Tech HP-1 equipment/instrument instructions to clients. These equipment/instruments need to be used during sleep; they activate neuron chemistries, and improves the secretion of brain chemicals in pons. Also intensifies the limbic system's function, and stimulates the connection between the brain areas.

BEP-II clients that have been observed have shown significant learning improvements and even more then BEP-I clients made. Some of the clients had a difficult time breaking through the bottle neck, but after the first or two months, they made it through. Also the younger students had showed faster breakthrough time.

We would like to continue sharing our progress report for our BEP-II since the BEP-I had accomplished significant interest. Our results had drawn the attention of academic institutions, special education communities, and families with special needs. Therefore we will update our progress on our website throughout the program.

The original source of all the progress reports came from the questionnaires that client's primary care giver/parents observed during the client to child individual experience. The BEP team provides the general basic questionnaires for the first stage, and refers each individual's brain test report, medical history reports, school IEP reports to create unique questionnaire every month. It helps with our follow up and records the improvements/achievements the student's have made. Another outlook about the questionnaire is that it leads BEP parents to a direction where they can observe their child, and pay close attention at the right time when the brain function has improved in different stages, .

A crucial problem that the BEP team is facing is that the care givers/parents do not have sufficient background knowledge of brain function, and therefore ignore the client's capabilities to reach any goals at any period of time. BEP team hopes that the questionnaire will be able to help the parents/care givers gradually have a better understanding of brain functions, so that the child can maximize their learning capabilities.

Overall, many clients have shown improvements in area such as; increasing their learning speed, comprehension, increase attention span, more focusing, build up short-term memory, better memory, increased ability to follow directions, establish their motivation to learn new things, attain better emotional control, more flexible, and improve overall health and the quality of sleep etc.

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