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March 14, 2009

I am a parent of BEP#08004, last year I got the information from Teacher Wang about Brain Enhancement Program (BEP). We accidentally came across the information and without second doubt I enrolled my child to the program, my child has dramatically improved in his communication area, he has also showed significant increased in learning comprehension and retention. Before the BEP he answered our questions passively, but now he loves to ask questions voluntarily, he has more interactions with others, and seems very cheerful.

It is amazing to see his achievements within a short period of time, and I do really appreciate the teacher Wang and all BEP staffs, they are taking good care of my child, his changes are exceeding my expectation. His school teacher has observed improvements and transferring him into the mainstream classroom. As a parent, I feel very grateful to see his achievement, and wish other parents will never give up hope with their children with similar learning disorders. BEP will give you the same joyfulness and delight seeing your child improve as we got from our experience with BEP.



March 24, 2009

My son 08010 is 6 years old. He suffers from autism since born. BEP#08010 is a lovely child. He has a great smile and good memory. But he easily gets very mad or upset out of anything. He does not have any social skill and very minimal interest in playing with toys. BEP#08010 communicates his wants and needs by crying , whining, pointing, or leading an adult to desired objects.

We heard about BEP program treatment for autisms. I joined the program right away begin on 09/01/2008. After the first 5 times visits, I noticed that 08010 sleep better at night. He used to cried at about 4 am every early morning and back to sleep. On ours 10 times visits, BEP#08010 was co-operative for the treatment. He started willing to repeat that what I said to him. On ours 20 times visits. He also had a better mood at home play with his 2 brothers. On our 27 times visit, BEP#08010 will say "good bye" , "thank you " to our family member. Also at home BEP#08010 talks a little more. He will say hello to everybody if you ask him. After the 30 times treatment, he wants to do some simple writing and color activities. If he wants something, he will use a short world like "I want ____ , Please."

Now my son knows write his name, read a simple book and play the computer games.

I see the improvement on my son little by little. I think the treatment works on him. I will still continue bring my son to the BEP program.



March 20, 2009

My son is 5 years old. He was diagnosed as Autism by UCLA when he was 2.5. Fortunately, I saw the advertisement last August for Dr. Rex Wang's BEP II treatment for Autistic kids. Since then, my son has been receiving the Brain Enhancement treatment for 6 months.

To normal kids, to ask them to say Mommy, and Daddy is such a natural and simple thing, but to my son, it is a big task. The first time after about a month's treatment, when I ask him, "who am I?" in Chinese, he actually looked into my eyes, and said "Mommy". It was the very first time that he did not repeat my question. Then he answered the same question correctly with his Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa.

Gradually, during the past 6 months, I observe the improvement of my son. Bit by bit, he looks at my eyes more often, he observes my facial expression more attentively, he can repeat more syllabus, he can sing a song he likes from beginning to end, he follows more instructions, he understands more emotions, he loves to read books, and he plays computer games more smartly, he can sit longer, he does not run around very often, and he sleeps better at night.

Our whole family is so appreciative when we see the changes of our kid. I hope that more kids can be benefited from this treatment. To treat each Autistic kid is such a time consuming effort that requires endless patience, absolute love, and perseverance. I firmly believe that BEP and Dr. Wang will add light of confidence in this long journey.

The Progress Report is provided by BEP#08012's mother.

Progress Report by Caitlin McCarthy 01/16/2009

BEP#08012 is demonstrating an improvement in his social skills by taking turns with peers while playing with a variety of activities. He occasionally needs some verbal and physical prompts but accepts redirection well the majority of the time. He is improving his listening skills and participation by attending to structured and unstructured table activities consistently for a period of minutes with minimal verbal prompts. He will attend to preferred activities for a longer period of time without prompting.

He continues to work on transitioning from one preferred activity to a non-preferred activity. He is able to do so with verbal prompts and occasionally requires physical prompts when transitioning from highly preferred activities such as recess or computer.

He is able to trace vertical and horizontal lines and he is moving on to tracing shapes. We are also having him work on tracing his name and he is doing very well. He is able to group and name objects with minimal prompting. He enjoys sorting different types of animals.

He is able to follow in seat oral directions with prompting. He is also laeling at least 25 nouns/verbs spontaneously without prompting He is able to take turns in a game with prompting. If he is not prompted he does not like to give up game pieces. He will continue to work towards becoming more independent.

He enjoys group time and will imitate the movements to songs. He will answer question regarding personal information such as his name, teacher, classroom number and gender but is not yet responding consistently. He also enjoys computer time and can maneuver the mouse and programs independently. He will continue to work on the goals from the IEP date 9/19/08.



March 15, 2009

When my child was diagnosed with the Asperger syndrome, we didn't have any knowledge of Asperger syndrome and the symptoms were very difficult to control. Out of the five disorders (Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger, Allergy and Asthma), Asperger is called "Invisible Disability.

It is difficult to identify Asperger in those who are affected at times because usually children who have Asperger have average or above for IQ. It was difficult in our case because our son is very cheerful and always earned outstanding scores academically. Ever since the age of ten, our son didn't show any clear signs of any syndrome related to any disability. The doctors could never identify any problems; they had concluded that he wasn't ADHD or Autism. He had slight language delay, but that wasn't a major concern at his age because the grand parents always said, "Big roosters, sound late". We thought that if his language delay continues then this could prevent him from becoming successful one day. As he grew older and older, I waited and waited with our hopes fading away.

We waited until he turned nine years old, then I felt like something wasn't right. My child's mental age wasn't the same as his classmates, and I thought he resembled symptoms close to ADHD, so I started search for related treatments. When he was ten years old, an astonishing situation occurred; the school acknowledged that he had temple tantrum and self-injury behavior. I took him to be re-diagnosed immediately, this time, the doctors told me clearly that he had the Asperger syndrome. There was nothing we could do for him at the time; he could live the life just as ordinary people around him when he grows up, yet lacking in his social skills. The doctors told me that I have to help him with speech therapy and social training. I felt relieved after the doctor's explanation, and felt lucky that he was not autistic, and I followed the doctor's instructions, took him to the classes that would help him.

My life had changed beyond any expectations, my life fell into nightmares. Occasionally unexpected things would happen very frequently. I had to worry about his temple tantrum, hitting walls, or even made other problems for his own safety. It even got to the point that if my cell phone ringed that I would get nervous and my heart would jump out of my chest.

On the other side academically he was a bright student and one of the top students of ITBS! But he was not allowed to stay in the honors classes, I fought for him, and the school agreed reluctantly to enroll him in honor classes, after a few troubles he made, he was kicked out from the class. My life was like sitting in a roller coaster, every time it went up, it all came down much faster, and each turn was unexpected.

It was a torture life to me! I was not willing to take it as a part of my life, and started to find the solution! And I believed deeply I could find the way out for my child and for us.

I tried many treatments for my child such as , "DORE", "NAET", "DAN", "Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT", Chinese medicine. We traveled to many places to find treatments like Florida, Texas and even went to Taiwan, that was a uncountable money spending, and it's been hard because both me and my child were exhausted.

Although all those treatments did helped in some way, but I felt there was a easier way out there, and that's when I found Brain Enhancement Program (BEP), even though I live in Georgia, and I had to fly to California to understand it! Teacher Wang explained all the details to me, and I enrolled my child to BEP immediately. This was the fastest and smartest decision of my life.

From September 2008 until March 2009, it has been 6 months into treatment. My child has improved in his language and memory; the miracle is, he has reduced his crazy self-injury and temple tantrum behavioral, it's unbelievable, he passed DUKE Tip Program (for 7th grade), and the school is going to place him back to honor classroom next school year.

From George to California it's difficult to travel but we can do the treatment only once a month and I see the great results, it builds up our hope and confidence. Of course we believe that we have to keep on working hard because one day we will reach our goals. We will continuously follow Teacher Wang's instructions, and hoping we will overcome the Asperger.

I envy those living in California at times because there is plentiful resources and quality environment humanism. I recommend families that have the same problem as mine, don't be scared or confused about Asperger, and abstain from visiting the doctor, and go to the program that works, and that is BEP, or the later you start the more you will regret it.

I don't want to lose my child's future, and I believe neither do you.

BEP treatment advantages:

  1. Not only a temporary solution, but also targets the roots: based on physics treatment, eliminates medicine and injection that could have side effect.
  2. Free from limited space: materials are small and free from space limitation. (it can be auxiliary treatments at home)
  3. No time limitation: we can do it anytime, even during the sleep.
  4. Relaxing and comfortable: reduces child's pressure in the brain, no physical challenge and very easy to operate.
  5. Escalating the overall quality included: health, intelligent, social function Etc...


We have seen improvement in my son in the last 6 months since participating in the BEP program. He is now able to write more sentences on his term paper once an idea/theme has been projected to him. Whereas in the past, he couldn't write much on his own even when an idea/theme has been provided.



March 14, 2009

I am the father of BEP#08016; my son is one of the premature boy and girl twins, who is in the program. It might be his prematurely that has caused him slowed physical development. (His twin sister is a healthy girl) During his elementary school years, he experienced two serious surgeries.

While in kindergarten hood, his teacher realized that he had problems in the integration area, and suggested to check with the doctor/hospital, and I did, the result was he belonged to a "border line" symptom, not closed to Mental retardation but not as functional properly as his mental age, I was extremely confused and could not believe what I had heard. He really made me worry after he went back to school, he lost pieces all the time, and read wrong or wrote inverted. For example: he wrote in Chinese character: [張] he would have it written in [長弓]. In this critical period of time, my wife passed away from a serious illness, she left us behind and I had to hold my deep sorrow and carry my responsibility for my children as a father and a mother.

After he went to elementary school, his teacher asked to discuss his learning difficulties more frequently, and when we went back home, my son was tearing and asking me "Daddy, am I stupid or am I mentally retarded? Classmates don't play with me, and call me names like stupid and such." My heart was broken and I tried to encourage and comfort him, he always hide himself in bed and cried late at night, I didn't really know how I could help him, except trying to build up his confidence, but no matter how hard he worked the results were the same.

My elder sister sponsored us and we immigrated to the United States. I enrolled my children to public schools and the same experience came back again. His teacher was asking me to discuss his difficulties in the classroom in the beginning of the school year.

In August of 2008, my older sister told me there was a Brain Enhancement Program (BEP) which might help me with my son's learning difficulty, and I wanted to try to program right away to see if it would benefit him. One day he came to me and told me he wanted to oral memorized the 12 months spelling to me, amazingly he spelled all 12 months correctly without missing a single word; it was just within a month undergoing BEP treatment. After he had his spelling finished, and turned to me "Daddy, am I great, I am super great aren't I?" tears rolled down my eyes, I held him tight "Great! Great!" This was impossible to achieve before but thanks to BEP now my dream had come true. I am fully confident with BEP.

I got his school test report recently, his score was 403, the score is even higher than his twin sister, and his dyslexia syndrome is non-existent. Two weeks ago, school principle invited me to his office and told me that my son will be able to attend the mainstream classroom, no need to stay in special education classes if he can maintain his good grades. This is what I never dare to dream about, and yet my dream had come true, he made it. He has another year with BEP since the program is for 18 months, and I am sure, my son will be able to build up more self-esteem and live a happier lifestyle.



Mother's Sharing

I'm not one for flowery verbose openings, so I will get straight to the point.

The opportunity to participate in the Brain Enhancement Program (BEP) has turned out to be a lucky thing for our family. We live in the northern California area. Since starting the BEP program, any free time we have including vacations usually means driving down to LA, but this we do willingly. My son is four and he doesn't speak. He's quiet, has a lot of issues such as allergies, eczema, extreme pickiness with food.... His situation has always concerned us and has let us feel sometimes that there was no light at the end of the tunnel. But these past four months, we have seen an increase in his vocabulary and we've also seen an increase in his activity levels and general state of happiness. His preschool and ABA teachers have also all noticed a big difference recently. (because the improvement appears more dramatic than was normally expected) They have all expressed great curiosity and interest in this program that we have our son enrolled in. His comprehension and willingness to do what I tell him has improved noticeably, and it has become easier for me to be able to discern what it is that he needs and wants. This has had an impact on my own life as a parent; it lifts some of the burden and has made things much easier for myself.

I've also noticed changes in his interaction and recognition of me. For example, when I pick him up after school he hugs me and in general shows more affection to both of us parents. He will now sometimes greet his grandmother which makes his grandmother ecstatically happy. He also shows more overall care and affection to his younger sister. He knows his sister likes flowers and he will pick flowers and give them to her (of course, sometimes the flowers are weeds!) and his daycare teacher gave an example where she gave him some chocolate. He went and found his sister and gave it to her, and then went back to see if the teacher had any more for himself. Sometimes when he is playing with certain toys, his sister comes over and wants to play with what he is playing with, and he will give it to her. As parents seeing things like this is very touching.

His eating situation has improved some as well. It used to be he would only take 3 spoonfuls of rice, and if there was sauce mixed with the rice, he wouldn't touch it. Now with certain dishes and their sauces mixed into his rice, he'll eat one and a half bowls. Again, we're thankful to have found the BEP.

I remember Dr. Wang's prognosis that there were certain neurophysiological issues that were barriers to his being able to develop certain cognitive skills and learning. Four months later, this seems to bear out. For example, before, he would not sit down with us and let us read a book with him, but now he shows interest in certain books and will flip through them on his own or want us to read them to him. It is also easier to teach him words and his repeating of words when he speaks is quite clear. He is now more sensitive and aware of his surroundings and to people around him. I anxiously await the day he talks.

These significant changes have all been observed during these past four months. We live far away and our situation makes it really difficult to come down except maybe once, twice at most per month, but we've been happy with the results thus far.

For my son, I really just wish for him to have a happy, healthy normal life, and I have started to see hope. The dark clouds I used to feel over my head have started to scatter.

I hope all the clients at BEP see their better tomorrow. I urge all parents with similar situations to keep the faith! We will continue to persevere and succeed for the sake of our children!

12/2008 - 03/2009

Father's comments:

The past four months have been pretty exciting. We've definitely seen some good progress, and the school district teachers and ABA providers have also seen great improvement. Of these, I'd like to highlight five in particular, they are in the areas of eating, speech, sleep, activity, and comprehension.

This has always been a difficult area for us. Our child has food allergies and he is extremely picky about food and seems very sensitive to food textures in particular. It has always been stressful as a parent to make sure he gets enough and proper nutrition when he refuses to eat so many things. The last four months however we've noticed that he is more willing to eat more variety of foods. Also whereas he used to often want to be fed, he now feeds himself and only occasionally wants to be fed.

At home we notice a lot more spontaneous use of language. His teachers tell us he definitely has grown his vocabulary and in structured environments will say words with picture prompts and other exercises. They feel he suddenly seems much more able to learn and that we need to now push him because he can do it. Even when he plays with toys on his own, he now will sometimes say words or at least babble and appear to be making up dialog.

It used to be difficult in that our child would often get up in the middle of the night and fuss. Sometimes he seems to want something in particular which can be a challenge to figure out, and other times it didn't seem to be for a particular reason. Lately he seems to sleep much more soundly through the night.

He seems more active and reactive and interactive with people of late. Its still not consistent, but he will engage with people appropriately sometimes on his own, sometimes with prompting.

It has sometimes surprised us of late what he understands. when we ask him to do something, most of the time he seems to understand what it is and will do it (not always, but, definitely more than before).

Overall, it has been greatly encouraging, and his teachers also express his improvements and the belief that he can be pushed harder now because he seems able to absorb and do more, we look forward to seeing how our son will surprise us next! Thanks Brain Enhancement Program (BEP)!



March 15, 2009

My child was diagnosed with severe autism. When he was young, he did not understand what we talked about, had many problems in the areas of cognition and integration. He came to American in September 2008. It was a challenge for an autistic child with so many rapid changes to his life style. I have him enrolled in Teacher Wang's Brain Enhancement Program second program, and my child has shown significant results, although the changes might not be clearly observable by others, but for him as a severe autistic child, it is an outstanding improvement.

First of all, my child has better eye contact; both we and the teachers recognized it. When his name is called, he realizes you are talking to him, although he is not able to reply in words, he will look at you and listen to you, instead of no feedback.

Furthermore, he is more accepting of the changes in his environment; he refused to go to any bathroom or any small confined space. Actually it was a torture for him to go to bathroom or take a bath. After the program, it surprised me one day that he went into the bathroom on his own.

Finally in his learning, he is able to focus in the classroom, has gained great attention for the content taught by his teachers. After his treatment, he loves to play with his aunt Rita. As aunt Rita opens her hands, he will start counting her fingers, starting from 1 to 10, and asks aunty Rita spread her fingers so he can count. His progress has really made us extremely happy, and it had never happened before. Everything he learns at school, he practices at home. The day his teacher taught him about the calendar, he checked with the calendar at home soon as he got home. He jumped up and down when he watched the alphabet DVD, and he murmurs the sounds. Hopefully one day he can speak them as well.

Besides, he has improved his eating habit, he liked to eat dry and crispy snacks, never ate meals, and he still likes to eat dry and crispy foods, but he does eat two meals a day, and as attained a better balance nutrition.

I appreciate and thank all those who have helped me; Teacher Wang and Brain Enhancement Program staff. You've given great warmth from your heart to take care of my child, and I believe following this treatment will give my child the help he needs to get better and live a much more stabilized lifestyle.



March 15, 2009

My son is undergoing Brain Enhancement Program (BEP), he is eleven years old now and a 6 grader student in middle school. Before he attended BEP, he was lacking attention, often times he was in his own world in the classroom, and lacked in energy, although he worked hard on his homework, but we couldn't see any results, and he appeared restless with anxiety behavior. Sometimes when we talked about his school, he looked like he was getting angry and would easily cry. He had no confidence, and blamed himself because he felt that he was not smart enough, and could not do anything good.

Half year ago, I found out Teacher Wang's Brain Enhancement Program (BEP) from the internet, this program claimed to improve children with learning disorders, and I enrolled my son to the program immediately. He has gone through 6 month to moderate brain function, my son is more focused in learning, he sits a longer time period to do his homework, and absorbs information much faster. He is no longer like he was before needing to move while he was doing homework, he needs only half hour to finish the work that he used to spend 2 hours. The most impressive thing is he is increasing his vocabulary and using more big words, he was used to say "I don't know" to answer our questions, and he is better in expressing his own feelings. He is energetic, and better in emotional control, less in temper, and happier as a person. I am very thankful for finding the program and I would like to thank the Gene Tech staff and Teacher Wang for helping my child improve his health condition, and his brain function that we all can see.

There is a special reason that my child got a chance to use BEP instruments before he enrolled the program, the date of October 19, 2008, he uses it during his sleeps to improve his brain function. He has been using it for only a month, we got the notice from his school in November 11, 2008, my son has made substantial progress in learning, therefore, school would reclassified him from Limited English Proficient to Fluent English Proficient. It surprised us, as we put a lot of efforts in our child but was hard to break through his learning difficulty, Brain Enhancement Program (BEP) does help much more then we expected, and we wish the program benefits more families, increasing children's learning capability and build up their confidence, also reduce the hassle from helping their children.



My son is BEP#08021, he is a loving and obedient child, everybody loves him ever since he was young, and he was just like other children with the exception that he could not focus on his school work. At the age of one, we found out about his delay in speaking and language. His grandparents told us "boys tend to develop late" or that "great minds develop slowly". I was told not to make a big fuss over his delayed development.

His changes took a lot of time and it was at the age of five when he started taking piano lessons and after two years of taking lessons, he still didn't have any idea about the music notes. His kindergarten teacher recognized his learning difficulties and asked us to pay more attention to him. All his teachers recommended paying extra attention to him and he had passed his classes by just barely making it.

The first month after his fourth grade school year started, his classroom teacher talked to me, he asked me to consider placing him in the RSP class. I could hardly accept this placement for my child, and I asked for the evaluation of professional doctors, hoping they would give me the answer that school teacher had a wrong judgment, but the diagnostic results came out. My child has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), I had him removed from the regular classroom to RSP, and later on, the school asked me to consider having my child take medication for his ADD. My heart was shattered; I didn't want my child to take any sort of medications for his ADD. It became hard for me to cope with his condition. I cried and wished for him to be normal. One day accidently while I was cleaning the recycled newspapers I found out Teacher Wang's Brain Enhancement Program and I left my job aside, grabbed the phone and called Teacher Wang. Then my husband and I came to him and asked him to help our son. After our discussion, my son started his intensive treatment on November 14th, 2008 for three times a week. During the past four months, we have recognized his changes in many areas, it was just like a music notes jumping out into our life, for example, the first few weeks after his treatment, when we went out for shopping, he calculated the amount for our items, and he was correct. My husband and I were very surprised! He became more active and paid more attention to his surroundings and analyzed the things he saw or heard. He made sure if he needed to bring things with him to places he would go. He asked questions about places we went and how long it would take, and so on.

Recently, he has started his socialization with others, for example, his teacher always seated him with talkative, aggressive children. My son is very soft and does not know how to talk back, sometimes he came back home from school and would tell me that he was bullied by another student. I was very angry and told him if he ever meet the situation, he needed to fight back, but he would reply that it is not right to do it that to others, anyone who does that would be taken to the principle's office. There was not too much I can do for my child and it made me sad. Few days before, he came back and told me, there was a child who had pinched him, and then he asked the child, if you did that to me, it means I can do it to you too; he pinched the child until the child cried for him to stop. From this day on, the naughty child never gave him any trouble.

He had poor grades with his Physical Education class from the first grade to the third grade. Now he has a "B" instead of a "C", he knows to do his homework on his own, and we don't need to remind him anymore. He is able to self correct his homework problems, all sorts of small changes throughout his day. My child is changing, thanks to teacher Wang. We wish other parents whom have children with learning difficulties to try his program. We give our support to the families of autistic children, never give up; everything will be better with your efforts, so don't give up, keeping Going! Going! And Going!