Parent's Wish

~Thanks to everyone for helping set up the BEP web site ~

Two days after Christmas in 2004, Spencer C., father of a boy undergoing BEP treatment (ID#BEP04007), suggested that a website be set up to share the BEP knowledge and experience with parents seeking help for their children with autism or learning disabilities. All parents in the room earnestly supported his idea. Spencer C. volunteered his technical knowledge to set up the website. This was a big commitment, causing him to work on the website day and night and every spare minute since he made the suggestion. The source of his determination and perseverance is a father's love for his son.

Shelly T. (mother of ID#BEP04013) also provided technological support for the website design and did some translation work. Priscilla M. (mother of ID#BEP04001) was responsible for coordinating all the work. She attended every detailed discussion to collect information, did some website design, edited the Chinese data, and did some translation work. Christine W. was responsible for typing and organizing the Chinese portion of the website. Karin L. (mother of ID#BEP04012), Helen T. and Lily H. helped translate some of the more technical documents. JS T. (mother of ID#BEP04011) did some translation and all final document reviews. Special thanks to Mr. Jon Drier, who did the final editing of the English translation. Many other parents offered their support to this website in various ways. Most of them have full-time jobs. With their children requiring special attention they often worked late into the night helping establish this website and they ask nothing in return.

One late night I called from L.A. to the San Francisco Bay Area to give them my regards while they were still in a meeting. They replied,"We are not setting up a website. We are giving out a new direction to all the children with learning disorders and autism."