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VH Nguyen

VH Nguyen (1987) with autism is a San Jose resident who has made art an important part of his life. His paintings reflect his love for dinosaurs, animals and heroes. The art webside,, has procured original pieces.

The composition, angle, choice and proportion of VH's painting are clear and simple. They truly capture the images of the objects in a rough, but, at the same time, detailed method. His art reflects bold colors and easily presents his innermost enthusiasm.

In addition to art lessons taught at the public school, VH is pursuing his love of art in private lessons, which he started when he was 10 years old. Besides art lessons, he has taken classes in mental math, drum, piano, Chinese, swimming, Kuk Sul Do martial arts, Bible study, ballet/Chinese dance and FCSN activities.

He is a graduate of Leland High School and lives in San Jose with his parents, grandparents, brother, and sister. His mother and siblings have been very supportive of his pursuits in art.

All the pictures are photographed by T. Thai.

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