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Beyond the Limitation

by Mr. Rex F. Wang

Ms. JS Tarng (VH's mother) brought VH to my studio in July 2004 for Brain Enhancement Program (BEP). The BEP was focused on children with autism and learning disabilities. BEP, unlike traditional medical or alternative treatments, uses different wave frequencies and energy input to improve and enhance the brain's biochemical function, improves cerebral cortex, neuron system, endocrine system and metabolism through "Brain plasticity", and enhances thinking ability, language expression, cognition, and moods stabilization.

VH's paintings in 2004 were simple designs, clean, precise within boundaries and using simple colors. His paintings in 2005 started showing maturation and self-consciousness. From that point on, he displayed the remarkable perception and coordination in the arts and further expresses his imagination with more complicated detailed artwork. His use and understanding spatial relationship, color application, expression skills, light and shade appearance display his art talent to be a star in the near future.

VH's hard work and achievements broke the general public's misconception and prejudice that people with autism or any other learning handicap lost their learning ability. An internationally renowned autistic artist, Mr. Richard Wawro, who lives in Scotland presently, has his paintings being collected by the prime minister of United Kingdom and the Vatican Pope.

VH is lucky to have a mother not giving him up. It is pity that there are many talented children with autism and other learning handicaps who were never given a chance to express their clandestine talents and end up shunned away from society.

VH's achievements represent another great mother who is creating her child's "miracle of life". Ms. Tarng still never gives up any opportunity to encourage VH to learn various skills to accumulate his basic learning ability. After BEP enhanced VH's brain energy level and the functions, VH absorbs knowledge like a sponge, grows fast in his art potentials, and shows his passion and expressions in his paintings.

I give VH my best wishes, and I am proud of Ms. Tarng. Her greatness is not only saving her child, and also encourages other mothers with special needs children.

Rex F. Wang/ Brain Enhancement Program Founder

December 2007

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