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Starting A New Chapter In The Life Path

by : Helen Tan 2009

I would never thought that me with Autism and learning disorder kids will have the fate link together and even tough I never have a chance to encountered previous years but later on could go from the stranger and moved on to observed them grown and walked out from their self capture world . I am really glad to share the joy with you all.

I am one of the teacher Wang's student and started from year of 2003 joined the Brain Enhancement Program from that on traveled around Southern and Northern California in the year of 2004. I met with one Mom brought two kids to do the treatment of Brain Enhancement program (BEP) with teacher Wang. When I met with them at the first time they were not have any eye contact and later on when I say hello to then they would replied back to me with the smiling on the face and willing to communicate with me. With their mom's radiant smile really made me shared the joyful feeling with her.

So when I had a chance lunch with friends and one of the friend's kid has Autism so I share with what I saw in Los Angels within several month's progression with those two children and suggested her to contact the Mom and teacher Wang see what they can help her out with her kid. She did it and becomes the first BEP program from our area. Just less than 2 months when I visited her and saw her child's improvement. Seemed like the child opened his door and started to bloom in any ways.

Around April 2004, teacher Wang opened the treatment center in Northern California I had more chances to get in touch with different learning disorder kids and started to understand for the family to face the learning disorder kid's hardship and understand for kids to break through the normal kids do things and learning things parents will spend so much time, efforts, patience, energy and money would takes more than years to overcome the routines. Before my friend would want to let her kid learn more words, understand more things even though put all the efforts in but the improvement was not significant at all. But after joined the BEP program the improvement from the kid was amazing fast and none of us could imagined.

From the first phase BEP kids and parents one and half year treatment back then from none of the kids would say hello to strangers and just couple months later willing to say hello and share food with me. When I asked for help and they were willing to help out. Watched their smile and radiant eyes are shining through the daily life. Made me feel that we are accomplished something in our path.

Hopefully with my sharing and the message I wanted to spread not only helped out my friend and also can spreading to more needed families and let them find a path won't be so tiresome. When I learned my friend went back to school and brought kids travel, learning piano and don't need to do every single things for kid. Her life with hope and more enjoyable I am really happy for her and with all the best wishes for the families joined the BEP program. This is a new chapter in the life path.