Brain Enhancement Program Research Study Project II

ID BEP#08002

Diagnose : PDD
Age : 14 Years Old/1994

Data source :

This assessment is for BEP Research Study Project II purpose and based upon the following sources:

  • Review BEP#08002 Three of progress questionnaires from Parent (08/05/08, 09/13/08,11/01/08)
  • Interview with Parent (10/10/2008)
  • Two of BEP Brain Function Test Reports

This evaluation report is focused on the improvement of the ability in brain functions, but no focuses on academic areas.

Start Date : August 05, 2008
Before Treatment/Baseline : August, 2008

  • BEP#08002 does sometimes ask "what do you want?" with the reinforce present and an imitative prompt she will ask for item.
  • Have difficulties to shift attention from subject to subject.
  • Has a tendency to hold on to own opinion.
  • Has difficulty to maintain/sustaining attention span with low-interesting subjects
  • Has sensitive with noise.
  • Can not competence when people are speaking in high tone
  • Is sometimes spontaneously request items, actions or activities.
  • Does present repeat words said by others.
  • Lower motivate to explore available activities.
  • Is inflexible in non-preferred items/activities.
  • Has period of increased talkativeness.
  • Has good memory in remembering in the past events detail.
  • Selected hearing/memory.
  • Does present hyperactivity behavioral/ verbal expression

During Treatment : First Progress Report, November 08, 2008

Overall improving areas: BEP#08002 is more mature, aware, calm, acceptant, better emotional control, happier, motivate, less sensitive with noise, planning, constancy in working on tasks, creative/imaginative, social skills, short-term memory, and a better analyze the various factors.

  • BEP#08002 has improved in following through her goals with planning and organizing on future carrier.
  • Has better function in narrowing down her searching keyword from internet source.
  • Avoids doing the harder works
  • Is more mature/behavior, social skills and language expression.
  • Improving in social skills
  • Has properly expression with her feelings
  • Is repeating the same topics
  • Has motive to explore more new knowledge from reading books, and internet.
  • Less distracted by noise and lights.
  • Is able to decoding vocal intonation/Interpreting emotional quality of speech.
  • Has increased words and sentences in daily life
  • Better in emotional control.
  • Keeping the happy mood most of the time.
  • Calmer
  • Has period of time shows her hyper exciting behavioral
  • Improving in speech/language comprehension.
  • Has reasonable response compared with the similar issue or situation that happened before the treatment
  • Will be able to shift attention in different interests.
  • Has better attention in detail.
  • Has better understanding with explanation without irrigative behavior.
  • Has presented better complex psychomotor coordination.
  • Flexibility in movements.
  • Has increased reading speed.
  • Improving short-term memory.
  • Has improved the concept in retrieval the information from the original sources.
  • Is able to identify the main idea from art works/paintings.
  • Fast in non-conscious processing/reaction
  • Present a creative/imaginative in her are works.
  • Present the concept of visual-spatial and self-character.
  • Has increased the desire in adventure.
  • Follow more complex instructions
  • Is difficult to fall asleep

Parents' Observation : January 10, 2009

Speech/Language/Communication Skills:
She talks more but repeats same topics. She speaks more fluently. She
would like to communicate with her mother more.

Sociability: She likes to talk to another patient.
She prefers female teachers. She shows interests in romance, adventure
stories and movies.

Behavior: She shows hyper exciting. She only likes to do the homework she is
interested in and avoids harder the work.
She doesn't fall asleep until 1:00AM, even she goes to bed at 11:00PM.