Brain Enhancement Program Research Study Project II

ID BEP#08003

Diagnose : ADD
Age : 7 Years Old/1994

Data source :

This assessment is for BEP Research Study Project II purpose and based upon the following sources:

  • Three of progress questionnaires from Parent (8/06/08, 9/26/08,11/02/08 )
  • Interview with Parent (10/17/2008)
  • Two of BEP Brain Function Test Reports

This evaluation report is focused on the improvement of the ability in brain functions, but no focuses on academic areas.

Start Date : August 2008
Before Treatment/Baseline : July, 2008

  • BEP#08003 has difficulty sustaining attention span for most tasks in play, school
  • Has difficulty following through on tasks or instructions.
  • Is easily distracted
  • Has difficulty keeping an organized area (room, desk, books)
  • Makes careless mistakes, poor attention detail
  • Has problem of short term memory
  • Has trouble sitting still
  • Daydreams
  • Has tendency to get locked into negative thoughts; has the same thought over and over
  • Has tendency to hold grudges
  • Has periods of spaciness or self-talk
  • Selected memory
  • Has sleeping problem/woke up at mid-night
  • Has chronic low self-esteem
  • Displays unpredictable behavior
  • Is impulsive (doesn't think through comments or actions before he is said or done)
  • Poor emotional control

During Treatment : First Progress Report, October 18, 2008

Overall improving areas: BEP#08003 is increasing attention span, calmer, better quality of sleep, physical condition has improved, self-correct ability, focus.

  • BEP#08003 improved his quality of sleep, does not appear to wake up in the midnight.
  • Increasing the function of immure system, doesn't affect flu by family members or schoolmates, it compared with his medical history before BEP-II.
  • Improving in self-correction ability.
  • Is engages in disruptive behavioral at classroom
  • Is easily distracted
  • Is not engage in appropriate group actives
  • Has longer attention span in playing piano.
  • Increasing reading piano note ability
  • Enjoys playing piano sometimes/feels the joy of music.
  • Presents calmer behavior.
  • Has better emotional control and presents calmer in behavior and speak.
  • Increasing in reading speed.
  • Improving in repeat the story telling.
  • Improving in getting to the point for his thoughts.

Parents' Observation :

Speech/Language/Communication Skills:
He likes to argue with us but he is a acceptable/reasonable boy.

Sociability: He likes to make friends; he is easy to play with younger children

Behavior: He is more sensitive, he sometimes is easily to get mad with small issues.
He shows his character of childlike, lively, healthy, and active.
He likes to touch somebody he likes with his body or hands.
His mental age is lower then his peers.